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Some of the ones Ive done!   Pictures do not do the artwork justice!

Want your helmet done??? Got your own design?........ Contact me.

All work priced at £10 per hour including materials.

There are a lot of hours in each piece to get to these standards.

Can supply helmets also.

I won't do an exact clone of any of the helmets you see but happy to do do something very similar with subtle colour/layout/detail changes. Trying to keep each helmet as one-off where possible. Iron man and similar designs are kind of set in the way the front looks, but change things up a bit and have a different back mural for something unique.










Saltire themed helmet painted to tie in with owners motorcycle colour scheme (stripe, etc). Side panels had matching saltire and thistles added over the top of the original harley paintwork.

Something similar spec. on your helmet - Approx £330.00 GBP. (POA) ,   Side panels - £150.00





Indian Larry themed helmet done to tie in with a customers harley chop build. Red candy over aluminium flake base featuring 9ct gold leaf murals, etc. Classy looking custom helmet.

Something similar spec. on your helmet - Approx £350.00 GBP. (POA)  







Design made up by myself for a tattooists birthday incorporating one of his first tattoo designs (bulldog) and the names of his freinds that contributed to the surprise present on the dogtags. True fire, skulls and metalflake union jack in background. Very smart small detail helmet.

Something similar spec. on your helmet - Approx £260.00 GBP. (POA)            





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